Every Team. Every Sport. Every Nation.

Since 1966, Athletes in Action has been using sports as a platform to help people answer questions about their faith and to point them to Jesus.

Athletics has the power to open doors and create connections in a way few other activities can. We really believe entire cultures and nations can be changed for the Kingdom as athletic leaders use their unique positions to point others to Christ. Ultimately, our goal is to see peoples’ lives changed as they discover God’s purpose for their lives and spheres of influence. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to work locally to create influence globally.

We serve on the campus of the University of Missouri, building relationships with coaches and college athletes from all over the world in efforts to win them to Jesus, build them in their faith, and teach them how to use their platform to reach others for Christ.

We do this with large-group weekly meetings, small group Bible studies, and one-on-one discipleship. 

We dream of a day when there are Christ-followers on every team, in sport, in every nation. We believe this is possible when organizations and individuals — who want every athlete to know someone who truly follows Jesus — work together toward the common goal of furthering God’s kingdom.

The Impact

The impact we see is in the lives transformed for Christ. Many students come to us with big questions about their faith. As they wrestle with questions, doubts, and misunderstandings, we have the opportunity to come alongside and journey with them towards peace with God and the faith they need to walk with Him.

Jesus’ last command was to make disciples. That’s our commission here at Mizzou and why we’re passionate about our calling and work. We see the impact as students grow in their faith and that joy and enthusiasm for God spreads to other students and athletes in their friend groups and in larger realms of influence as they graduate and pursue professional athletic careers.