When you donate to Athletes in Action, you empower one-on-one discipleship with students at Mizzou that results in life-long change for the Kingdom.

Every day, we meet with students to help cultivate their faith so they grow into mature believers and followers of Jesus Christ. This has eternal impact as they go on to make disciples and produce gospel-impact in their spheres of influence.

Support for Mission Trips

Your generous donations make life-transforming trips like this possible. Watch Joe’s story below to hear about the impact on his life:

You can help by donating to our ministry that not only funds our on-campus efforts, but helps fund mission opportunities like this for students.

Preparing Students to Walk with Jesus for a Lifetime

As student athletes become professional and Olympic athletes, the assault on their faith grows stronger. Fame and a growing platform for influence can be used by Satan for destruction or by God to grow his Kingdom.

College years are formative in the lives of students, and the relationships they form in those years will influence the rest of their lives. We’re grateful for the discipleship and mentoring opportunities we have to encourage students as they grow in their faith, and pray for life-long change and transformation for the sake of the gospel.

A Kingdom Partnership

As we commit our time, talent, gifts, and resources to help fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of God, we invite you to partner with us in this exciting ministry.

The funding of Athletes in Action is twofold: Each staff member has a personal account that funds their salary, benefits, and personal ministry expenses. We also have a collective campus account that funds campus ministry needs such as hosting weekly gatherings and providing training materials, Bibles, and camp scholarships.

If you would like to learn more, our staff would love to share. Please contact us.