Ready to take your faith to the next level? In addition to our weekly gatherings, we recommend the following resources to do just that!

Resources for Growth in Faith

New to Your Faith?

If you’re new in your faith, we encourage you to check out some of our foundational resources. These personal lessons are designed to help you grow closer to God and build your life on a solid foundation.

Ready to Influence Others?

Start your journey to be equipped for spiritual multiplication.  There are a few fundamentals in the Christian life that can take you from spectator to participant in the Kingdom of God.  Although there is no such thing as an “elite Christian,” we desire to help equip you for the lifelong journey of following Christ.  The Equipped Curriculum combines the best of our resources with action challenges to help you master the basic disciplines of the Christian life.

Justice Resources

Jesus tells us in John 17:20,21 that our witness is in our oneness. Developing cultural fluency helps us see and appreciate the beauty and value of each culture. It also informs our understanding with the thoughts and perspectives of the ethnically and culturally diverse people of God. We recommend the resources on and to help us see, understand, and act to fulfill Jesus’ John 17 mandate.

The Principles

“The Principles” are the Gospel applied to sport, experienced through sport and spoken in the language of sport. 

These five principles are part of a unique curriculum developed by our Athletes in Action staff over the last 45 years, that will give you a Biblical framework to help you see sport as an opportunity to worship God, so that you can participate in sport in a way that honors Him. 

  1. Audience of One (AO1) – Who or what do I worship?
  2. Inside Game – What motivates me?
  3. Holy Sweat/Wholly Surrender – How do I grow and move forward?
  4. Hurtin’ for Certain – How do I respond to pain and suffering?
  5. Victory Beyond Competition – How do I live for God’s kingdom instead of my kingdom?